Jake Pardee, ROJI, and Soul Rebel Project
(bottom-right is Greg's iPad controlling it all)

Thank You Everyone! 
And see you...
August 7, 2016
~ ~ ~
See Performer links and info HERE
Joanne Silva Has some great pics HERE
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Below are 4 videos that just begin to show the fun we have and why we love doing this as volunteers and friends of  "Music in the Meadow."

A-Train ripping it up

Safely Back by Will Diehl. Accompanied by John Hicks

Quarter to Eight by Jake Pardee and Bingo Fridays  

Bob Kramer Band and friends jam Dylan, Raitt and the Blues
(Raining outside... we bring the jam inside)

See you for "Music in the Meadow"...
This is still our favorite picture ...
(get a prize if you know who the lobster is)